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Hello Gorgeous: Emily Diamandis of Tabula Rasa in New York

From the UK to Hong Kong and NYC, it’s always been a story of travel and wool-blended love for Emily Diamandis. Having started her knitwear brand Tabula Rasa in the Big Apple in 2013, she’s been a sweater consultant to brands like rag & bone, Altuzarra and Uniqlo—so she knows a thing or two about fashion. Read on to find out what inspires her and the nouvelle designers in NYC making waves.

How did your journey in fashion start?

I was raised in a house full of textiles—this sparked my intrigue from a young age. From then on, all I wanted to do was discover the local textiles and crafts whenever I travelled.

When I made the move to New York from Hong Kong, I set up a sweater consultancy company working with brands like rag and bone, Altuzarra and Uniqlo. Learning from fashion giants and wishing to start my own brand, that was how Tabula Rasa was born.

Where does the name Tabula Rasa come from?

Tabula Rasa means ‘blank slate’ in Latin. I love that every day can be a blank slate and that it’s never too late to start anew. We often forget that we hold the power to change our path and we too often get stuck in a rut.

Where do you find your style influences come from?

Everywhere and anywhere. It’s important as a designer to take your cues and inspiration from an array of places and disciplines—whether it’s a great stitch you find on a granny sweater or delving into history and style icons.

Is there anyone that inspires you?

As with style inspiration, I think it’s important to seek a wide range of role models. Who it is will often change depending where you are in your life and what you are searching for. There are so many great people to seek wisdom from as long as you are open!

Who are your favourite independent designers in NYC?

There are lots of great NYC designers. At the moment Khatie is killing it and I also love the quirky designs of Sandy Liang.

What are your favourite designers in the world doing now? 

Marfa Stance, an emerging luxury designer brand that creates incredible and adaptable outerwear did a promotion where every piece bought they donated a piece to a National Health Service (NHS) worker as well as offering a free collar that goes with their coats. They also started to share their sustainable fashion story by highlighting the hands and workers behind each garment. This worked successfully for the brand, it was compelling.

Another company, Love Blooms a leading event florist in London have turned to dry flower bouquets and wreaths once they saw the events business slowing. They create hope bouquets and rainbow wreaths as tributes to the NHS. They were inundated with orders by customers who were thrilled to fill their homes with a bit of affordable beauty.

What’s been your favourite designer destination?

I’ve always been obsessed with India and travelled extensively all over. There is no better place for creative fuel.

Where are you planning to go next? 

My travel lists are endless… I’ve found myself daydreaming of the beautiful islands of Greece so I’ll move that to the top of my list.

Follow Tabula Rasa on Instagram @tabularasany and get kitted up in their summer knits at Tabula Rasa online.

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