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Hello Gorgeous: Natalie Lorence, Model and Actress

Globetrotting polyglot Natalie hails from Russia but has long called Bangkok home. She’s a makeup artist, model and actress who has appeared on TV, in commercials and films – including a stint as Naomi Watts’ body double in ‘The Impossible’ – and last but not least, contributes to our Bangkok guide.

Most impactful travel experience? 

Four-wheeling across Western and Central Africa.

Favourite smell? 

Ylang ylang

A genie grants you three wishes. You wish for…? 

Time machine. World peace. An old castle in Scotland.

Hidden talent? 

Gourmet baking.

____ is the best therapy? 


What’s the oddest job you’ve ever done? 

I worked as a magician’s assistant so got to levitate and be cut in half over and over again.

Get mani’d mitts on the LUXE Bangkok guide app for Nat’s picks; and follow her on Instagram @natalielorence.

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