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Insider Guide: 6 Hot Spots on Mykonos Island

Now that Greece is open to tourists again, it’s time to feed your wanderlust with the best insider hot spots on Mykonos island. And, who better to ask than a true Myconian, Vangelis Daktylides, the owner of Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts! Whether you’re at sea or wandering through the streets of Chora, here are his favourite spots on the island to soak up all of Mykonos’ charm.


delos small

(Photo: Christos Drazos)

Mykonos may be one of the most cosmo destinations in the world today, but long, long ago, it was overshadowed by a tiny island to its southwest called Delos. Known as the “garden of the gods”, Delos was a beacon of religion, trade, culture and multiculturalism in Ancient Greece. Today, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that pilgrims from all over the world flock to. The island is accessible by boat from Mykonos; weather permitting. 

Fokos beach

To escape the masses for a day, head to the serene Fokos Beach in the north of Mykonos. Remote, untouched, and with absolutely no tourist facilities, you’ll love its unspoilt natural beauty. Be sure to grab a meal at the marvellous taverna right next to it for a tasty treat.

Rizes Folklore Farmstead 

Rizes Small

(Photo: Stathis Bouzoukas)

Tap into the “rizes” (aka. roots) of Mykonos at Rizes Folklore Farmstead, an authentic Greek farmland experience located at Maou of Ano Mera. From the wood oven, chicken coop and olive grove to the wine press—everything is 100 percent functional and not just for show. 

Inspired by his father, Nikos Zouganelis and his family chose to partake in the simpler way of life of their ancestors and share this experience with the world. They bake bread, make fresh cheese, tend to chickens and donkeys—and welcome visitors as dear friends, inviting them to live like true Mykonians and discover what life was like before technology. Social media addicts, be warned!

The “paga” in Gialos 

paga small

(Photo: Christos Drazos)

This is an authentic street market that local fishermen put on every morning in the area of Gialos near the old port of Mykonos. Get there early to enjoy the “paga” display of fresh fish and “baksevanika”—fresh vegetables sold in crates by local producers straight from their own gardens (aka. “baxedes”). By the time most people wake up from a night of hard partying, everything will have disappeared and the stands will be shiny and clean. 


Although Rineia has no streets, cars or permanent residents, the people of Mykonos cherish it dearly. Parts of the island were given to Mykonos’ landless, who formed a coop. Today, 72 locals keep cattle and farm the land while protecting it. 

You’ll need a special licence to stay the night and to moor, as it is a designated archaeological site under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture. With its virgin beaches, turquoise waters and wild nature, Rineia is pure magic lost in time. Don’t miss it! 

Armenistis Lighthouse

If there’s one place on Mykonos that’s remained untouched by time, it’s the Armenistis Lighthouse. Locals go there to unwind and many will agree that this is where you’ll get the best views of the island! 

(Photo: Vangelis Daktylides by Christos Drazos)

(Photo: Vangelis Daktylides by Christos Drazos)

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