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La Manufacture, Paris: Loco For Cocoa

In the age of Gwyneth Paltrow and liquid cleanses, everywhere you look it seems to be all detox this and quinoa that…

But the truth is, especially if we’re to subsist on a diet of green juice and rice (read: cardboard) cakes, a little bit of chocolate never hurts. And what a relief – because we weren’t about to pass up a pilgrimage to Paris’ first bean-to-bar cocoa maker Alain Ducasse’s mecca for chocophiles, otherwise known as La Manufacture.

With pastry chef Nicolas Berger at the helm, La Manufacture meticulously roasts, grinds, and churns out delectable morsels daily, delivering small bites of heaven in the form of ganaches, pralines and truffles. There’s a series of single-origin somethings for dark chocolate lovers, while those inclined towards a sweeter selection will be wooed by flavoured bites like the simply sinful pistachio and peanut pralines. If you just can’t decide, opt for the encompassing ‘boite decouverte’ – and consider your souvenirs sorted!

La Manufacture, 40 rue de la Roquette, 11th, Paris, +33 1 4805 8286,

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