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Lala Curio, Hong Kong: Era-Straddling Interiors

While traditional Chinese design aesthetics still feature strongly in the country’s modern interiors realm, too heavy a polished wood, brocade or gold leaf brushstroke and your contempo space can easily lean towards totally minging rather than delightfully Ming-tinged.

Effortlessly straddling the old and new worlds though is newcomer Lala Curio, a homegrown, full-range decor brand founded by Parsons grad Laura Cheung, who channels greatest hits and current flavour with impeccable taste and superlative flair.

Shoppers might step into Cheung’s atmospheric Wan Chai shop and think they’ve stumbled into a quirky antique lover’s treasure-lined abode – but fret not, indeed this 1,500 sq ft shop overflows with statement furny and objects from Tudor-style ikat-printed armchairs, bone-inlaid oak tables and vintage apothecary glassware, to exquisite cloisonné tiles, hand-painted wallpapers, and even bespoke items for that individual touch. Go old, go new, go totally Lala, dahling!

Lala Curio, 32-33 Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. +852 2528 5007,

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