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LUXE City Pups: Lou aka. @louthechichi

If you look up ‘living it up’ in the dictionary, you’ll likely find a picture of Lou, aka. @louthechichi, who calls Montreal, Canada her home. The pint-sized chihuahua has a life more fabulous than most (as long as it’s not ‘MUNDAY’!) – plus, her own clothing line to boot!

In our latest edition of LUXE City Pups, follow in the pawprints of the mini diva chihuahua as she shows us her favourite places to walk, play and get pampered in her hometown of Laval and Montreal!

Name: Lou the Chichi | Sex: Female | Breed: Long-haired chihuahua | Age: 3 | Hometown: Laval, Quebec

Lou’s favourite spots in Laval & Montreal


We love to stroll around le Centre de la nature in Laval to look at the flowers and meet other pups. However, with my tiny legs, it’s hard for me to walk for more than 5-10 minutes without getting exhausted. I usually end up being carried for most of the walk (I walk the humans, not the other way around, haha!)


We love catching the sunset together is at Rivière-des-Mille-Îles in Sainte-Rose (Laval). We usually grab ice cream from Le Berlingot and sit by the water to enjoy the view.


One of our favourite summer events in Montreal is Aire Commune – a dog-friendly event with great music and lots of other pups!

Dog-friendly cafes:

DoggieVille in Montreal is a great place to grab a coffee or a meal while enjoying a treat next to ze hooman! What I love about DoggieVille is that you can get everything done without having to go to multiple places. This all-in-one doggie complex has a dog ‘spaw’ for grooming, an indoor pool, indoor park, hotel, playcare and more! 

Favourite snacks: 

Definitely Greenies, which isn’t just delicious but also good for my dental health. I also love dried chicken, popcorn by PetPops and cheese.


I love designer-inspired outfits and am most comfortable in lightweight and stretchy pieces. I’m actually a fashionista – I have my own pet apparel store where people can shop all of my looks (@shop_louscloset). You could say I’m a successful CHI-EO!


Rouki Froufrou in Laval!

Dog-friendly staycations:

Here’s a list of five dog-friendly staycations we’ll be enjoying this summer: 

Fave photo ever:

Source: @louthechichi

I love this picture so much because it captures our special and unique bond!

Follow Lou on Instagram @louthechichi!

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