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Rome: The LUXE Lowdown

She’s got more secrets than the Pope, and a much better wardrobe… But Roma wasn’t built in a day and you’ll need more than a couple to peel back those gorgeous layers. We’ve picked out the things we love, all you have to do is hop into your Alfa, Romeo…


Take the Pantheon in Centro Storico as the midpoint, north is shopping central Tridente and Via Veneto, to the east is Monti, south is Ancient Rome, home to the Colosseum and Forum, while across the Tiber to the west lies vibey Trastevere packed with local character, north of which is the Vatican City. E presto!

Need to Know

  • When to Visit: Avoid visiting in August as you would a bout of typhoid – the Romans flee as the legions swarm in, shops shut and on the streets it’s sweatier than a centurion’s armpit
  • Getting Around: Stillies and cobbled streets don’t match, break out your Miu Miu flats
  • Sundays: Restaurants, shops and services tend to close on Sundays – snooze – use this day to expand your artistic horizons
  • Aperitivo: A mandatory observance. Down tools at 5pm and get thee to the nearest bar for a hard-earned Aperol spritz and deliciously dishy finger food
  • Coffee Etiquette: caffè/espresso is a single shot, doppio is double, Americano is a long black and cappuccinos after midday screams Tina Tourist
  • Reservations: Always book well ahead for the city’s best tables and be sure to reconfirm as bookings often get ‘lost’
  • Taxis: Check your change, Romans rarely tip their drivers
  • Events: The Ancient Romans purportedly allocated 150 days a year to R&R, and while their contemporary counterparts might not enjoy quite the same levels of luxury, they still know how to let their hair down. Get your knees up at Natale di Roma, the city’s 2,769th birthday; fete the arts at RomaEuropa in September; and frock up for the Festa del Cinema di Roma in October

Talking Points

  • Talk of the Town: Rome is finally keen on hipster cuisine, think: Michelin meets pizza. But will so-right-now supsters with onpoint typography beat out the trad trattorias? Probs not.
  • Local Showdown: Parmigiano versus Pecorino, North versus South, the Pope versus the Prime Minister, my mom’s carbonara versus yours, Romans will find a point of contention in every conversation, but the true rivalry takes place at the local bars when hometown teams Roma and Lazio derby.
  • Do: Bring small change. 1 and 2 euro coins go a long way with tips, and paying for a cappuccino.
  • Don’t: Go to bed early. The later you stay up, the more of the Grande Bellezza you’ll discover.

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