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LUXE Picks: Stylish Essentials For Post-Vaccine Travel

Fully vaccinated and ready to hit the road? Be sure to have the following items with you to ensure safe – and stylish – COVID travel:

Masks: Kaze Origins

Photo: @kazeorigins/Instagram

Spotted on celebs including Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa and Cardi B, Kaze masks come in 17 (and counting) colours to match your #OOTD. With a 3D design that allows maximum breathability, they’re technically KN95 masks with a triple-ply composition and five layers of filters, so you can ensure that you’ll be protected from dust, germs and other nasty particles whilst looking good.

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Reusable masks: Green Sisters

Photo: @jlouofficial/Instagram

If you’re concerned about the environment, using a reusable mask can prevent millions of surgical masks from going into landfill. One of our faves is from Green Sisters, who manufacture triple-layered cloth masks from Japanese medi fabric. The middle layer is proven to be 99% BFE (bacteria filtration efficiency) and 97% PFE (particle filtration efficiency), and the mask itself is effective for up to 100 washes. 

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Hand sanitiser: Touchland

Photo: Touchland

Touchland’s been around since 2016 – making it one of the OG hand sanitisers out there. Available in a range of fresh scents including watermelon, vanilla cinnamon and mint, we love the Power Mist and Pouchette combo that makes it oh-so-easy to attach to your bag.

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Vaccine cardholder: Etsy

Photo: Etsy

What makes a vaccine cardholder different from any other cardholder? Not much, except some tongue-in-cheek designs like this bright red number from Etsy. Show off your double vaccinated status while keeping your vaccination record safe and sound.

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Disinfectant spray: Raze Original Travel Size

Photo: Raze

Keep the surfaces around you COVID-free with this handy, travel-sized spray from Raze. Using the active ingredient, tungsten trioxide, it’s activated by any light source and proven to eliminate more than 99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Best of all, it’s alcohol and fragrance free, and self-sanitises for a full three months.

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UV Sanitising Bag: Sonix

Make sure your belongings are sanitised on-the-go with this futuristic fanny pack from Sonix with built-in UV and O3 technology. Your mobile phone, keys, ear buds and other small essentials will be rid of 99.9% bacteria and viruses in just 10 minutes – and if you’re not into silver, there’s a discreet black version too.

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