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LUXE Resident Editors Share Their 2021 Bucket Lists

With travel still grounded, there’s no better time to start planning your post-COVID bucket list – thanks to all the new restrictions and realities of travel to come, you’ve got to make it count. Need some inspiration? We asked our LUXE resident editors around the world where they’re most itching to go once travel opens up again:

Sylvia Sabes, LUXE Paris:

Victoria Falls, because the region is stunning and they need our support – especially after COVID.

Sara Naumann, LUXE Shanghai:

Rajasthan has been on our list and knocked off for various reasons in the past few years, but we’d love to get there in 2021.

Kate Collins, LUXE Florence:

Returning to Formentera in Spain, hiking in the Dolomites, and climbing Kilimanjaro, which remains at the top of my bucket list (but I am saving that for a big birthday year in 2030).

Marissa Carruthers, LUXE Cambodia:

A three-month trip around Central Asia to write a book, which was postponed from 2020.

Andrea Seifert, LUXE Singapore:

Bhutan – a spiritual pilgrimage to escape to a place where simplicity, tradition and nature abounds. Or an African safari to support conservation efforts and learn more about big cats. 


Erica Firpo, LUXE Rome:

Beirut and Balbek: food, culture and history.

Lou Stokes, LUXE Madrid:

India! I would like to spend some time in an Ayurvedic retreat and explore the culture, people and yoga.

Suzanne Delahunty, LUXE London:

I desperately want to visit Tbilisi, Georgia. A creative hub has been emerging at a rapid rate from Georgia the last few years, and there is just so much going on in the fashion, art, food and wine scenes. Tbilisi has become the playground for a new generation of young, cool Georgian creatives and I can’t wait to check it all out.

Peter Frank, LUXE New York:

Rwanda to see the gorillas.

Basak Miller, LUXE Istanbul:

Barcelona, because it’s the one major European city I haven’t been to and I’d like to tick that off my bucket list. 


Gina Johnson, LUXE Dubai:

Tasmania. It has some of the most incredible luxury lodges, food and culture in the country (like MONA, it’s a jaw-dropper!). More regionally, I plan to visit Morocco as I’ve yet to travel there and the YSL Museum in Marrakech is calling my name.

Dror Lam, LUXE Ho Chi Minh City:

Paris and Jerusalem to reunite with the people I love.

Jessica Kozuka, LUXE Tokyo:

An African safari. I went on a safari in Sri Lanka and it was amazing. I can only imagine the wildlife in Africa would be even more exciting.

Mary Justice Thomasson, LUXE Bali

Europe and Peru – it’s one of the few places I haven’t been to and it’s number one on my list.  I want to hike, dive and get to know the people. I have some Peruvian friends there so I will have an inside track, similar to what LUXE provides for those who don’t know anyone where they’re going! 

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