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LUXE Resident Editors: How Travel Will Change After COVID-19

Based in 30 cities around the world including Rome, London, New York and Shanghai, LUXE’s resident editors are our eyes and ears on the ground, quite literally these days. We checked in with our group of well-travelled global gallivanters to share their latest predictions on travel, post COVID-19:

Localised travel

Road Trip

“All but the very wealthy will stick closer to home, mostly due to anxiety about long-haul flights and fear of further outbreaks.” —Peter Frank, New York Resident Editor

“In the short term, people will be more inclined to discover their own cities or countries rather than travel too far. I’m optimistic that eventually, we will all travel and explore further afield again as we used to – just with more safety measures in place.”—Suzanne Delahunty, London Resident Editor

“I think it’ll be a long time before international travel goes back to what it was pre-COVID. Many people might think more carefully about taking international trips, and I think travel will become more localised with people perhaps not leaving their home country or region.”—Sara Naumann, Shanghai Resident Editor

“People are going to stay a little closer to home but they’ll still travel. For people like myself, travel is a way of life and a continued source of happiness.”—Mary Justice Thomasson, Bali Resident Editor

Sustainable and well-planned travel

Tent Camping

“I am hopeful travel will become more sustainable with increased respect and gratitude when exploring a new culture.”—Kate Collins, Florence Resident Editor

“I think it will limit the way we travel. The once impulsive/spontaneous trips to unknown but exciting locations will be replaced by more meticulously planned trips to more familiar locations.”—Basak Miller, Istanbul Resident Editor

“I don’t think travel will change as much, per se. People are still cautious, for sure, but they’re still willing to venture out (probably not to any hard-hit COVID countries though). People have already begun to take local trips, but I think the hospitality and tourism sector will take a while to recover.”—Jocelyn Loke, Kuala Lumpur Resident Editor

More meaningful and remote travel

Yacht Private Islands Ocean

“I predict ‘slow travel’ to places that hold special meaning and spending more time with loved ones. Those who can afford to isolate themselves in splendid luxury will do so on private islands and yachts, whilst others will seek out countryside retreats, camping and nature holidays in local and domestic destinations to avoid air travel.”—Andrea Seifert, Singapore Resident Editor

“I think people will want more meaningful experiences, rather than a typical beach holiday. I also believe nature and wellness holidays will become more popular.”—Lou Stokes, Madrid Resident Editor

“I think people will seek out more remote locations, with many viewing isolation as a way to conjure inner peace. Solo travel will also become more popular. Boutique hotels and tiny homes in beautiful natural locations will become the escape of weekend warriors from their city lifestyles, and people will be more inclined to explore their home countries.”—Gina Johnson, Dubai Resident Editor

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