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A day in the life of Kit Shum, Asaya Resident Mindfulness Practitioner, Rosewood Hong Kong


My work involves yoga, meditation, astrology, and expressive arts therapy, so I live a mentally and physically healthy life every day. I usually wake up between 7am and 8am, although it depends on my schedule, which is flexible. I’ll spend a minute or two reflecting on my dreams, because I believe there is usually a message in them. I rarely have nightmares but once I dreamt of Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, and it was a warning to slow down and take care of myself.

I usually skip breakfast, so I feel more awake and not weighed down by food. I’ll get ready for work, which is at the Rosewood Hong Kong’s wellness centre, Asaya. On the way there I’ll plan my day in my head and how I will deliver a workshop, therapy or coaching session.

At work, it’s straight into seeing private clients, or giving a class or workshop. It’s mainly meditation, hypnosis, arts therapy, psychotherapy, astrology, yoga and stretching. This morning I taught expressive arts. We went out into the garden to collect plants, leaves, and twigs and then did some painting. I want people to connect with nature because it is a good way to relax and let go of stress.


Lunch is the first meal of my day and I tend to eat whatever I want, though I avoid sugary drinks. Asaya Kitchen has healthy fare, and we have the best Indian restaurant here at Rosewood – Chaat – where everything is delicious. Start with the raj kachori, a crispy lentil snack.

Luckily, I don’t have to do admin work, so it’s back to seeing clients and teaching classes. Hypnotherapy is popular and helps people to resolve life issues like money, career, relationships, anything you can think of. It can even help you be less messy! You must start by resolving things on the inside for it to be better outside.

Since the pandemic, more people are coming to see me about stress, loneliness and other mental health issues, though I think things are getting better.


My workday finishes around 6pm to 7pm. I exercise in the evening, either yoga, dance or pilates, nothing too strenuous. I also often go home to have a traditional Cantonese meal with my parents.

My work and hobbies intersect, so I enjoy doing extra-curricular study. It could be astrology, psychology, or meditation. Right now, I’m doing face and palm reading courses.  

To relax, I like to watch television, including Chinese soap operas, or read books on psychology, astrology, or Buddhism. Reading teachings by Buddhist masters can help with ideas and practices on how to approach life.

I’m in bed before midnight, often earlier. I don’t have regular bedtime rituals, I am a naturally good sleeper.

IG: @kitshumartstherapist

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