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Covid-19 may have us cooped up at home (for now), but that doesn’t mean we need to stop moving. In fact, staying active has never been more important to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit through these challenging times. 

Move at home

Just a little movement can help melt away stress, improve sleep and boost your immune system—and it’s recommended to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise per week (or a mix of both). 

Stay active by taking regular breaks throughout the day to channel your inner Britney, play with Fido or do the dishes. Try standing up every 30 minutes to avoid becoming part of the furniture, and rack up more steps by walking around at home or on the spot.

Take a (virtual) class

Due to local closures, gyms all over the world have started to take their classes online, sometimes even live, which is a fun way to get social. From go-with-the-flow yoga to hardcore HIIT classes, there’s literally something for everyone. Best of all, most classes work with your own bodyweight, so all you need is a mat, towel and water bottle to stay hydrated.

What are you waiting for? Slip into some Spandex and start sweating with these local gyms and yoga studios that are streaming right into your living room:

Kita Yoga

Intimate, hole-in-the-wall Sheung Wan boutique yoga studio offering a holistic range of highly personalised classes – from advanced Vinyasa flow to a mellow, candlelit practice. Classes are normally capped at 12 people. Flow with Kita’s glowing yogis from your living room and zen out with daily morning meditation sessions on IG Live. 

Book online:

Get moving:


Burn, baby burn! This Hollywood-approved workout uses Lagree Fitness Megaformer machines to sculpt muscles with low-impact movements. Classes are 45-60 mins long and span high-intensity MegaKore HIIT and strength-based KettleKore to the more relaxing Yoga Flow. Online classes available daily via Zoom; bring your own sliders (paper plates, small towels or socks will do)! 

Book online:

Get moving:


High-energy boxing gym in a nightclub setting, complete with DJ tracks and disco lights, minus the bad dancers. Take some jabs, punches and hooks on the swirly aqua bags before hitting the circuit for more challenging combos, and prepare to get KO’ed. Online classes available via IG and Zoom. 

Book online:

Get moving:

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