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Distance: 3km-8km depending on temple exploration

One of the region’s great destination marathons Angkor Wat International Half-Marathonsprints off on 8 Dec. Should you have missed out on entry this year, fret not, there’s always 2020… alternatively, clock up those all-important steps with this temple trawl that takes in some of the key marathon route sights, without you having to sweat it out. You might want to have a car (and driver) on hand to whisk you from one section to another.

Grandiose, grey and looking better at 900 than any of us will the C.12th marvel of A. Angkor Wat draws admirers from far and wide. 

The world n’ his wife head straight to the West Gate for the classic sunrise photo op, so for an altogether different experience, rise before dawn, arm yourself with a torch, and enter through the somewhat quieter East Gate. Amble around the temple following signs to the West Gate at which you exit to a flurry of tourist flashbulbs. Afterwards, breakfast at B. Blue Pumpkin(opp. temple entrance; open from 8am). The distance between East Gate and West Gate with no detours is 3km.

Into the car you hop and drive to C. South Gate of Angkor Thom, a favoured spot among locals and expats. At the main south gate, turn left and head 1km to the end where you’ll find a small temple with views over the countryside and back to Phnom Bakheng.

Housed in the huge walled city of Angkor Thom, the captivating, brooding stone faces at D. Bayon Temple attract the hordes after they’ve snapped sunrise at Angkor Wat. Our tip? Go at dawn or in the late afternoon when the light plays slinky shadows and the temperature is more manageable. 

Keen walker or regular visitor to the temples? Ditch the car at Angkor Wat, skip visiting the temples and step out onto the 3-km stretch running between Angkor Wat West Gate, South Gate of Angkor Thom and Bayon. Depending on your pace, this easy, flat and scenic route will take around 40-50 mins.

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