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Distance: 3 km

Besides a walk through heritage-steeped Hoi An, don’t miss the plethora of places to explore in Da Nang proper. This beachy town is packed with local food haunts and historical sites to humble any traveller, so add these spots to your bucket list pronto.

A. Cau Rong

Start here at sunrise to avoid the camera-ready hordes – this is quite literally the dragon of Da Nang. Spanning 666 metres across the Han River, this bridge is a must-see (touristy as she may be). Visit on Saturday or Sunday at 9pm for a pyrotechnic show of fire and water.

An Hai, An Hai Tay, Son Tra,

B. Museum of Cham Sculpture

Artefacts, relics and history-steeped architecture; find quiet respite in this one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to the Champa era. Housing over 2,000 works from Hindi to Buddhist culture – this is the stuff of dreams for history buffs.

No. 2, 2-9 Thanh pho, +84 236 357 4801, 7am-5pm daily,

C. Han Market

Continue your journey via Bach Dang Street, where the gentle riverside walk will prep you for the heaving hum of Han Market. The largest in the city, it’s a bustling bargain hunt for souvenirs, knick-knacks, wares of all-sorts and homegrown street eats. Pick up fresh produce or stop by for people watching. Silks, beads and tailored garbs on the second floor, food on the first.

119 Tran Phu street, 5am-7pm daily,

D. Cong Caphe

A perfect pit stop refuel – this cheeky, urban, hipcat gig parodies the days of red with its military vibe, propaganda-splashed walls, Lenin’s edicts and khaki-clad staff. With several branches around town, it’s the Hanoi-ite go-to for local joe and people show.

96-98 Bach Dang, Hai Chau, +84 911 811 150, 7am-11.30pm daily,

E. Con Market

Stagger-packed with roasted beans and Vespa-delivered street eats, Con Market is the largest fresh food market in the city. Be sure to get your hands on the famed Mi Quang noodles, crispy Banh Xeo (sizzling pancakes) and Bo Kho Lat (beef jerky). Come after 4pm to dine with the locals.

270 Ong Ich Khiem Street, Hai Chau District, 8am-8pm daily,

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