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Your Guide to Healthier Desserts

Rejoice, dessert lovers! It turns out you can have your cake and eat it too. Increased health consciousness means that more places are creating sweet treats that are delicious on the lips, without wreaking havoc on your hips. We’ve rounded up our favourite (mostly) guilt-free indulgences but remember, everything in moderation.

Hong Kong

Essentia by Holger Deh

Holger Deh, until recently known for his calorific confections at the Rosewood Hong Kong, has launched a new 100 percent plant-based patisserie. Gone are the pounds of butter, cream and eggs, in favour of non-dairy alternatives. The proof is in the pudding, of course, and his millefeuilles, montblancs and more are very tasty indeed.

Pacific Place / 200E Queensway / Admiralty /

The Cakery

Gluten-free, vegan and keto-friendly, The Cakery has got your dietary restrictions covered. Their promise is to fulfil your sugar craving and have fun while doing it. The signature naked cake is light on frosting and topped with strawberries and blueberries, while the new range of burnt cheesecakes are low-carb and without added sugar.

Lee Garden Two / 28 Yun Ping Rd/ Causeway Bay /

Ho Chi Minh City

Osterberg Ice Cream

Danish scientist Cathrine Osterberg is mad about ice cream and she has a master’s degree in ice cream structure to prove it. After years of experimenting, she has settled on a formula with less sugar and fat, and more fruit and protein. Only a small selection of the 400 flavours she has developed is available at any one time, but might include elderflower, sea buckthorn, liquorice or jackfruit. 

94 Xuan Thuy / Dist. 2 /

Morning Fruit

Vietnam is blessed with an abundance of superb tropical fruit, and Morning Fruit is the place to enjoy them. Depending on the season, this could include mangosteen, pomelo, jackfruit, dragonfruit, durian, soursop, guava, rambutan, passionfruit, mango and so much more. You can even eat or drink out on the little terrace.

43 Nguyen Thai Hoc / Dist. 1


The Clean Addicts

Andrea Lee is on a mission to make cakes that won’t stop your heart. The certified nutrition coach and raw food chef favours whole foods such as nuts, beans, rolled oats and sweet potatoes in her desserts and every item comes with nutritional information. Her bestselling flourless cacao vegan fudge cake uses beans instead of butter and is topped with a creamy dark chocolate ganache.


A pioneer among Singapore’s health-conscious bakeries, Delcie’s has been going strong since 2009. It uses mostly organic, low-GI plant-based ingredients and caters for vegan, keto, diabetic, gluten-free and baby-friendly needs. Try her keto coconut rocher chocolate cake, or pre-order the three-layer durian cake, made with fresh durian puree.

34 Whampoa West /   

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