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Meet the Editor: Erica Firpo, Rome

Travel journo and social media maven American-Italian Erica is one the longest-serving LUXE lovelies, having steered the Rome guide since its launch. A co-founder of private concierge company Unlocked Rome, you’ll find Erica’s indispensable tips n’ tricks in the LUXE Rome guide, while here she shares four of her favourite places in the city she calls home. Follow Erica’s city jaunts @ericafirpo.

Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

The Galleria Nazionale has always been one of my favourite places to meditate. Director Cristiana Collu has flipped the collection on its head so it’s no longer a chronological lesson, but a mix and match of themes and philosophies that connect eras and genres. I enjoy introducing my friends to modern Italy and modern/contemporary Italian art and also love hanging out its gorgeous Caffè delle Arti for an artsy aperitivo.

Pantheon and Centro Storico by 8.30am

Rome is a busy city, no doubt, and the historic centre (Centro Storico) is the densest area of all. But nothing beats the gorgeous architecture and monuments of the centre, so I avoid the crowds by walking around at 8am. By 8.30am the amazing Pantheon opens and I am guaranteed to have the dome all to myself.


The eponymous osteria of Luciano Monosilio, the famed chef who received a Michelin star for his incredible carbonara, this rustic-chic eater is a new entry to Rome’s foodie scene. Not only can you sample Monosilio’s amazing Roman dishes, but award-winning pizza maker Elio Santuosso is also onboard – be sure to save room for his pies as they’re divine.

Roscioli Caffe 

This is my trustworthy local bar, which serves quite possibly the best coffee in the city, while satisfying my sweet tooth with its Roman pastries. Nothing beats the sugar rush of a Roscioli maritozzo.

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