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Meet the Globestrutter: Hannah & Nick @saltinourhair

With a name that conjures up sunny days, wet hair, and beach waves, Hannah and Nick are the incredibly talented couple behind @saltinourhair – a website and Instagram account that inspires intense feelings of wanderlust. We caught up with them in our latest edition of Globestrutter to find out where they’re from, their best trips ever and where they’re planning to go next.

Where are you originally from, and where do you live now?

Hannah and I are both from the Netherlands. Due to the pandemic, we currently live here but we have another base in Bali, Indonesia and we’d love to go there as soon as it’s wise.

What has been your best trip ever?

If I had to name two, I’d say Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan. They’re two completely different countries but the things you can see there on a two to three-week trip will make you fall in love with the country.  

saltinourhair hannah nick
Photo: @saltinourhair/Instagram

Favourite place in the entire world?

Indonesia, because the diversity it has to offer is mind-blowing. Its people are warm and welcoming, the food is incredible and the same goes for its nature. We wish to be there the majority of our time. Unfortunately, local governments are taking down all its beautiful parts for industry and something has to be done.

What’s on your bucket list?

Costa Rica, New Zealand, Japan. 

If you could take a round-the-world trip right now and make 3 stops, where would you go? 

In this case of not being able to travel, we’d pick places that have a special place in our hearts: Siargao, Philippines; Bali, Indonesia; and Algarve, Portugal.

Your favourite travel buddy?

Well, that’s easy. We’ve been traveling together for over five years so we’re each other’s best travel buddies. 

Tell us about three of your favourite travel pics:

El Nido, Philippines

El Nido
Photo: @saltinourhair/Instagram

During our stay in El Nido, we got very sick for three days. Luckily, we felt better by the fourth day because we met someone who wanted to show us around the islands on a private trip. We were all alone on the most majestic islands. The beauty in this picture perfectly reflects that moment and is funnily very contrasting to our sick days before.

Bali, Indonesia 

Bali saltinourhair
Photo: @saltinourhair/Instagram

If we think of Bali, we think of lush green rice paddies. We stayed here at a bamboo villa overlooking the rice paddies and waking up was truly a dream. It’s a place we think of very often.

Pyramids, Egypt 

saltinourhair egypt
Photo: @saltinourhair/Instagram

And finally, the feeling we have with this photo is complete adventure! The story behind it is a little less adventurous, as visiting this site is pretty hectic when it’s busy. However, we do have very good memories of our time in Egypt because everything apart from Cairo and the Pyramids were incredible!

Your best tips for taking great travel pictures?

Take photos at sunrises or sunsets

Don’t only shoot horizontal, also try vertical as well!

Have light filters with you to filter out bright daylight

Finally, what does travel mean to you / why do you love to travel?

What we love about travel is getting inspired by the unexpected things. This can be a chat with a local (sometimes through Google Translate but that’s the beauty of it, or it can also be the simple things of being just the two of you at a deserted place, feeling all alone in the world for a bit. Or, the euphoric moment when you finally reach the top of a mountain or the foot of a waterfall after a hike.

Follow @saltinourhair on Instagram to live vicariously through Nick and Hannah’s adventures, and check out their site at for more photo tips and presets!

Hero image: @saltinourhair/Instagram

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