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Our Network

LUXE’s most cherished asset is its chic coterie of city experts. We mostly value a strong curatorial eye, and boast a team of over 35 savvy, stylish, plugged-in individuals who deeply love and know the city in which they live. 

Liz Weselby


A spur-of-the-moment decision to move to Bangkok brought Liz to Asia in 2003, where 15 years and three countries later, she's now in Hong Kong living it up. 

  • Liz LOVES... Chilli (on everything), getting lost in cities, hiking, people-watching at airports

  • Liz LOATHES... Suburbia, MSG

Jane Michael


She's got twelve years in Hong Kong and a two-year London stint under her belt, but Jane prefers life on the go, be it whooshing down the ski slopes of Japan, road-tripping along California’s PCH, haggling with Grand Bazaar vendors in Istanbul, or sailing Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. 

  • Jane LOVES... Dim sum, outrageous indoor greenery, true crime documentaries, my spectacular home beach (Little Cove, Qld)

  • Jane LOATHES... Pollution, global chainstore-itis, bad service

Liv Berry


Liv left behind the lanes, arcades, and wide-open plains of Melbourne for the concrete jungle of Hong Kong, joining the team at LUXE after a stint at Swire Hotels. 

  • Liv LOVES... Escaping the city, sailing the seas of the Gulf of Gokova, unspoiled beaches in southern Sri Lanka
  • Liv LOATHES... Smartphone syndrome, turbulence

Eleani Purcell

Melbourne Resident Curator

Having spent the better part of her 'study years' flitting from Sri Lanka and South Africa to Iceland and Italy, Eleani joined LUXE fresh from freelancing for TimeOut Melbourne and Fairfax media. 

  • Eleani LOVES... Books by Jon Krakauer, orca documentaries, forecasting jaunts to Japan, Java, Cuba and Zanzibar

  • Eleani LOATHES... Aeroplane headphones, haggling

Chloe Jessica Payne


After spells spent in Mexico, Madrid, Lyon, São Paulo and Hong Kong, Chloe now lives in London with her husband and two muddy mongrels and is currently planning trips to Bruges, Paris, Alaska, SoCal, Romania and Reykjavik. 

  • Chloe LOVES... Baking, old movies, Graham Greene novels
  • Chloe LOATHES... 4x4’s in London, visor-toting tourists, airport queuing 

Erica Firpo

Rome Resident Curator

Whether seeking street art in Sicily or hunting white truffles with a well-mannered Lagotto expert travel journalist Erica Firpo calls Rome her home and Italy her backyard. 

  • Erica LOVES...  Ciampini's Cioccolato Caldo con Panna, Villa Borghese at dawn, Palazzo Farnesina, late-night scooter rides

Jessica Kozuka

Tokyo Resident Curator

American freelance writer and editor Jessica has been Tokyo-based since 2004, when a gap year turned into something rather more permanent.

  • Jessica LOVES... Reading, running a monthly book club for other Tokyo bibliophiles.

Sophie Davies


London-born journalist and travel bug Sophie has spent six years in Melbourne, and is a big fan of its secret laneway restaurants and rooftop bars. 

  • Sophie LOVES... Gallery hopping at the NGV and Heide, snapping street art, discovering pop-ups, cycling, sipping coffee on Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street

Adrian Sandiford

Beijing Resident Curator

An award-winning news and magazine journalist and editor of a number of books, Adrian moved to China in 2008. 

  • Adrian LOVES... Hidden hutong shops and restaurants, seeking out the world’s best baijiu bar, exploring Beijing’s thriving contemporary art scene 

Inès Cho

Seoul Resident Curator

Creative director, author, TV host and writer Inès fell into journalism by chance, and as a founding member of the International New York Times, is a pioneer of cultural media in South Korea. 

  • Inès LOVES... A perfectly chilled glass of champagne with good company anywhere, anytime

  • Inès LOATHES... Negative energy


Kate Cody

Sydney Resident Curator

NZ-born Kate has called Melbourne and Sydney home, but joined the LUXE family while living in Istanbul. Upon relocating back to Sydney, she is rediscovering the Emerald City, distilling her very best finds for LUXE. 

  • Kate LOVES... Home-cooked meals, doing the Bay Run, street food wherever

  • Kate LOATHES... The phrase “No problem” from anyone working in the service industry, folding washing, heavy hand luggage

Kee Foong

Guest columnist

Whether on safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta or watching the opera at La Fenice in Venice, content consultant and ex-LUXE editor Kee believes that great travel experiences are made even better with a hearty meal, stiff drink, good company and a comfy bed. Follow Kee's adventures @keepicks

Valeria Avirett

Miami Resident Curator

After spells in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, Nicaraguan-born LUXE lovely Valeria returned to Miami, her home city. 

  • Valeria LOVES... Cafe con leche (aka a Cuban latte), a good steak and a fresh ceviche

  • Valeria LOATHES... Inefficient airports and souvenirs

Amelia Rynkowska

Los Angeles Resident Curator

Writer, model and founder of ethical plant-based skincare line, Cult of Treehouse, Amelia was so struck by the beguiling charm of California's sunsets, enigmatic terrain and lifestyle she decided to move there. Los Angeles has been home since 2012.

Chawadee Nualkhair

Bangkok Resident Curator

Scribe and avid foodie Chawadee has lived in Thailand on and off since 1995, and now calls Bangkok home. She enjoys all types of fried noodles, but is not a big fan of jok.

  • Chawadee LOVES... Pies, anything with sticky rice, whiskey and Game of Thrones

  • Chawadee LOATHES... Soggy soft-shell crabs, lukewarm congee, ice wine and Dallas Cowboys

Valerie van der Meer

Amsterdam Resident Curator

Owner of fashion boutiques and a webshop, Valerie always finds the time (and excuses) to stay up-to-date with the latest rooftop bars, pop ups, festivals and urban beaches in her home city.

  • Valerie LOVES… Work hard, play hard, boutique everything, hidden hotspots, urban jungles, cold-pressed juices and cocktails with a view 

  • Valerie LOATHES… Waiters who don’t serve that important first drink quickly, tourists on bikes, garbage in the streets, rain

Gemma Hayden Blest

Los Angeles Resident Curator

She's trekked across Tibet, Burma, Nepal and Mexico and wandered the streets of Paris, London, and Hong Kong, but since childhood, it's Los Angeles where the Pacific Ocean meets the desert that Gemma chooses to call home.

  • Gemma LOVES... New discoveries, flea markets, a Californian breakfast

  • Gemma LOATHES... Mediocre dining experiences, being cold 

Sylvia Sabes

Paris Resident Curator

After decades of travelling through Asia, Africa and N America, Sylvia relocated her family to Paris where she spends her days being Mom, Madame and writer for international ad campaigns, magazines and a novel (in gestation).

  • Sylvia LOVES... Getting off the beaten path, art in countless forms and dramatic light

  • Sylvia LOATHES... Processed foods and mean people

Mary Justice Thomasson-Croll

Bali Resident Curator

Texas born, longtime Asia dwelling, ex-broadcast journo turned style maven Mary Justice Thomasson-Croll (MJ to friends) has lived on The Island of the Gods for over 13 years, and is the original LUXE Bali editor. She’s balances updating LUXE with events management and designing a divine range of decor for export.

Suzanne Delahunty

London Resident Curator

Born with a wanderlust soul, Suzanne’s career in media has taken her from Melbourne to France, Dublin and finally London, the city she currently calls home. She combines a her love of fashion, travel and writing while documenting insider fashion tips for LUXE and on her website, secondsister.com.

Mira Comara Alexander

Guest Columnist

An urban nomad with nine lives, Mira was born in Sarajevo and educated in the UK, where she worked for a political risk consultancy specialising in kidnapping. With stints in the Middle East and Europe, Mira now works in luxury fashion PR in Sydney. This Londoner is always on the hunt for an adventure and a great outfit, whether on the slopes of Megève or Bond Street.  

  • Mira LOVES... Fashion, art, adventure and romance, better still if accompanied by a cold glass of Bandol Rosé

  • Mira LOATHES... A lack of integrity

Natasha Eldred

Phuket Resident Curator

Actor turned PR diva, Natasha's lived on Phuket for over a decade. When she's not repping top-notch travel clients or scouting out the best restos, bars and beaches on the rock for LUXE, she devotes times to helping dolphins, dogs and elephants. Follow Nat on Instagram @ShineTravelPR

  • Natasha LOVES… Animals, beagles, walks in the jungle, people with big hearts, travel, SCUBA, champagne, and avocados

  • Natasha LOATHES... Not being invited to a party, butter, plastic straws, and establishments that keep animals in captivity for tourist entertainment


Romilly Molyneux

London Resident Curator

Made in Chelsea, Romilly is that rare bird – a real-deal Londoner. After 5 years in Singapore, (and jetting around LUXE's Asia hotspots), Romilly is now back in London, exploring old and new haunts in her beloved home town.

  • Romilly LOVES... London pubs and parks, taking black taxis and eating out – a lot

  • Romilly LOATHES... Rush hour on the Tube and bad service

Marie-Louise Von Haselberg

London Resident Curator

A trained illustrator turned costume designer then fashion stylist and scribe, Marie-Louise writes for the likes of Sunday Times Style magazine and Vanity Fair, is a contributing editor to the FT, and is editor-in-chief of Glass Magazine.

  • Marie-Louise LOVES... Londoners (this city attracts some pretty special people), exploring Morocco and its souks, swimming in turtle-inhabited cenotes near Telum, Mexico

  • Marie-Louise LOATHES... People eating on public transport

Peter J Frank

New York Resident Curator

A tried-and-true New Yorker,  multi-gonged travel journo Peter might have visited more than 50 countries, but his favourite moment of any trip is glimpsing the Manhattan skyline on his way home.  

  • Peter LOVES... Drinks with a view, street food, train station newsstands, 1920s architecture

  • Peter LOATHES... Selfie sticks

Dror Lam

HCMC Resident Curator

Stylish and sassy, cultural voyageur and longtime Saigon resident Dror Lam is the owner/designer of Harmony Jewellery. When she's not collaborating with local artisans on her latest creations, Dror is scouting out new and fabulous entries for the LUXE HCMC guide.

Sarah Jappy


Freelance editor and scribe Sarah hails from one of the less lovely bits of the Garden of England, which she promptly swapped for a stint with Mr & Mrs Smith in Melbourne. Now back in London she efficiently divides her time between words and eating.

  • Sarah LOVES... Discovering the crisps and confectionery of new nations. Anything with a whiff of seaside
  • Sarah LOATHES... Non-Heinz ketchup. Long division

Ashleigh Larden


Aussie shutterbug Ashleigh Larden is based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. When she’s not working on photography or video shoots for clients, she’s invariably travelling, eating her way through every destination with camera in hand.

Dervla Louli

LUXE Wellness Expert

LUXE's Wellness expert Dervla was born in the Middle East, educated in Europe and moved to Asia in 2012. She's a globetrotting marathon runner, wellness retreat aficionado, yoga teacher, and the founder of CompareRetreats.com.

  • Dervla LOVES... Google Maps, flowers, ethically-sourced butterfly taxidermy, golden pineapples

  • Dervla LOATHES... Loud people on planes, long layovers, cheap fabric 

Simon Westcott

Owner & CEO of LUXE City Guides

Simon is an @travellerati from way back. English by birth, Australian by choice, Hong Konger by happy fortune, he started travelling independently as a teenager, and hasn’t stayed still since. Now he commutes to work in a sampan with LUXE mascot, Izzy the Springer Spaniel.

  • Simon LOVES... Bach, the Australian outback, oysters

  • Simon LOATHES... Plastic, Christmas playlists, luggage with wheels  

Laura Miller


Happiest trail running, riding a Vesper or flying somewhere new, freelance writer Laura lived in Hong Kong for 13 years before recently moving back home to Cape Town. Now South African Country Manager for luxury rental company Stay One Degree, she’s loving reacquainting herself with the Mother City.

  • Laura LOVES... The sound of rain, seeing what’s around the next corner, reading by the fire (with dark chocolate and red wine)

  • Laura LOATHES... Rudeness, litter, chain restaurants

Nirja Raju


Bangalorette Nirja is a curious storyteller who shares her travel, food and style discoveries on The Stylish Dish. After a stint working in luxury PR in London, she's back in her home city consulting for luxury and lifestyle brands. When it's time to escape, Nirja pops off to spot leopards in the wild or swim with turtles under the sea.

  • Nirja LOVES... Artisanal coffee, vintage posters

  • Nirja LOATHES...  Shopping malls

Andrea Oschetti


Intrepid traveller, storyteller and photographer, Andrea has spent the last 20 years pushing the boundaries of travel, oft reaching inaccessible cultural and natural landscapes. When not on the road, you'll find Andrea designing tailor-made itineraries for his travel company, Blueflower.

  • Andrea LOVES... Getting under the skin of a place, masks, storytelling, negroni, picnics, meaningful conversations with locals and Spotify

  • Andrea LOATHES... Aeroplane announcements, touristy experiences, roaming charges, visas

Kate Collins–Manetti

Florence Resident Curator

When Colorado native Kate arrived in Florence for a study year, she never guessed it would change her life. Almost two decades later and she’s working in Florence’s thriving contemporary art and luxury travel sectors, having acquired an Italian husband and two beautiful children along the way.

Andrea Seifert

Singapore Resident Curator

Born in Peru to nomadic Swedish parents, Andrea’s childhood was spent in six different countries. A citizen of everywhere and nowhere she currently calls Singapore home. When not working her magic as a marketeer and PR, Andrea is an avid traveller, counting experiences as diverse as climbing the Himalayas, skiing with St. Bernards and meditating with monks in Myanmar. 

  • Andrea LOVES… Burrata in Puglia, sunsets in Bali, coffee in Sydney, yoga anywhere, any time, and furry creatures of the canine variety.

  • Andrea LOATHES… Bad coffee, bad wine and bad manners

Lou Stokes

Contributor, Madrid

Stylist, Confidence Coach and Yogi based in Madrid. Lou, a real Londoner at heart is an adventurous and independent soul, she has lived and worked in various corners of the world from Australia, to Asia, Europe and USA. If you can’t find her styling clients, talking confidence or mindset or hosting a retreat, you will find her awaiting her next journey at the airport or on her yoga mat for some downtime. @byloustokes

  • Lou LOVES... Exploring new places, good red wine, sunglasses, weekend escapes

  • Lou LOATHES... grilled pigs ear (a Madrid speciality), crowded places, long layovers, complainers

Joanna White


Sydney native now Hong Kong resident Joanna is the founder of LUXE fave Luxuosa Residences, a handpicked collection of incredible private homes and tailor-made holidays. After 10+ years experience in luxury hotels and resorts, Joanna became drawn to the freedom private residences offer; a frequent globetrotter she always has a gimlet eye peeled for the next fabulous property to add to the portfolio. 

  • Joanna LOVES... Fabrics (anything linen), farmers markets, an Aperol Spritz after a long swim in summer, fresh sourdough with butter

  • Joanna LOATHES... Repetition, black leather couches, bad drivers

Chelsea Diehm


Brisbane-born Chelsea describes herself as a passionate performance artist who loves to travel. She’s been vegan for 6 years. 

  • Chelsea LOVES… Being outdoors, music and learning different languages
  • Chelsea LOATHES…  Close-minded people, scary movies and spiders

Isabel Blake-Milton


A true-blue Londoner who seeks out all things weird and wonderful, Izzie grew up in the UK and the Middle East but has called Hong Kong home since 2016. 

  • Izzie LOVES... The desert, polaroids, perfumery, Flamenco dancing

  • Izzie LOATHES... Terrible music, mosquito bites

Mercedes Hutton


British-born but always with her eyes on the horizon, Mercedes has called Hong Kong home for seven years after an itinerant tour around Europe in a van that led to a stint in Paris. Where she will end up next is anyone’s guess.

  • Mercedes LOVES… An inspiring skyline, finding familiarity in the unknown, overland travel

  • Mercedes LOATHES… Aggressive air conditioning, the herd mentality, plastic waste

Dominique Rowe


HK born-and-bred, Dom is a seasoned scribe and editor who has written for TIME, Fortune, and a host of inflight magazines.  

  • Dom LOVES... Hong Kong; the LUXE office, smack bang in the middle of Cat Street’s antiques market  

Sarah Wei


RADelaide native Sarah left her sleepy home town in 2017 for the glittering lights of Hong Kong. Away from the LUXE desk, Sarah can be found hunting out underground music and culture in the region.

  • Sarah LOVES... Quiet beaches, warm weather, iced drinks

  • Sarah LOATHES...  Hunger

Erica Fong

Editorial Director

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Erica Fong spent several years in Amsterdam before making Hong Kong her home for the past decade.

  • Erica LOVES... Waffles, Hong Kong milk tea, working out and chilling with her cats, Eggie and Cheese Puff

  • Erica LOATHES... Tourist traps, bad cookies and aliens.

Sheryl Chu


A Hong Konger by jus soli, Sheryl is a part-time plant mom and full-time flâneur. She can be caught bargaining with vintage store keepers on Upper Lascar Row, eyeing up her next green acquisition in the Flower Market or planning her next European getaway. 

  • Sheryl LOVES… chilled wine, vintage markets, white linen
  • Sheryl LOATHES… anything loud, fast fashion

Angela Wilkins


Born and raised in Toronto, Angela is a digital marketer and content creator who loves to travel. When she's not working, you'll find her daydreaming of exploring ancient ruins and British pubs, or taking part in impromptu photo shoots all over the city.

  • Angela LOVES... spicy miso ramen and golden hour.
  • Angela LOATHES... long lines and snowstorms.

Isabella Williams


Born in Sydney before moving to Asia, Isabella has spent most of her life in Singapore and Hong Kong. Besides writing about travel, she is passionate about digital content creation and curation, advertising and collaboration. 

  • Isabella LOVES... anthropology, xiao long bao and jazz fusion 
  • Isabella LOATHES... emotional projection, bad hospitality and overpriced coffee

Rachelle Ma


Rachelle Ma is an intern with LUXE City Guides.