Our Story

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The LUXE story began in 2002 at a party in Singapore, when one of the guests handed Grant Thatcher a fistful of A4, proclaiming it contained everything one needed to know about visiting Bangkok. The author, Grant was told, was a style nut with a nose for value, his resulting tell-all pages having circulated from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Jakarta and back.

Grant looked at the list. It seemed all too familiar. In fact, it looked exactly like the guide he’d written for some friends before he left Bangkok for Hong Kong. The rest, as they say, is history.

In 2014 LUXE was bought by Simon Westcott, travel industry expert and co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith Asia Pacific, along with a group of investor partners. Together they set about transforming the business into a publisher of content across dynamic digital and print platforms.

Today, LUXE City Guides are the stylish pocket travel guides and mobile app packed with astute, opinionated information for sophisticated travellers. For over 15 years, and with more than 3 million copies sold, LUXE City Guides have been the go-to trusted source for highly curated, ultra-researched travel and lifestyle information. LUXE covers everything from hotels and restaurants to spas, bars, boutique and bespoke shopping, as well as services, specialists and personal guides – if it's in LUXE, it’s IN.