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Rome Through The Lens of Mondelliani

Made in Italy, Mondelliani is a proud, family-owned eyewear brand on a mission to help people see the world with more clarity and colour. With three LUXE-approved stores in Rome, we caught up with its co-founder, Federico Mondello, to talk eyewear, most memorable trips and his top spots to visit in the Eternal City.

When was Mondelliani first started?

Mondelliani has been a family business since 1961, but I personally started working with the company in 2005 after spending a decade in multinational companies. Back then, I worked as a product manager in marketing and customer experience manager.

Describe Mondelliani in three words. 

Mondelliani is colour, elegance and surprise. It’s made for passionate people who love design and a personalised shopping experience!

Do you wear glasses for fashion or out of necessity?

I wear glasses for survival!

Federico Mondello of Mondelliani

Federico Mondello (Photo: Courtesy of Mondelliani)

Which styles and/or collections from Mondelliani are your favourite?

It depends on the day and mood. I love them all but I have to say that, like a father with children, I have a soft spot for the Coupe Collection by SOPRATTUTTO eyewear.

As a Rome local, can you give us some of your best insider tips for visitors?

Sure! One of my favourite hotels is G-Rough and for museums, don’t miss Palazzo Altemps (Museo Nazionale Romano). The best ice cream can be found at Ciampini and the restaurant you can’t miss is Armando al Pantheon.

Most memorable trips?

LA and Paris are the last places I visited before Covid-19 hit. My favourite trips of all-time though are Sardinia’s West and South coast, starting from Cagliari and going up till Alghero. 

I also love Japan, especially hanging out in Tokyo and Kyoto—that’s where I met my friend and eyewear designer, Ryo Yamashita.

Where would you like to go next when it’s safe again?

I’d love to visit the Svalbard islands for nature and Istanbul for its history and beauty.

What do you love most about travel?

I think that travelling is a matter of culture. The more you travel, the more you open up your mind. You learn so much from every trip and you’re never the same when you come back.

Mondelliani is featured in the LUXE Rome guide

Hero image: Courtesy of Mondelliani/Facebook

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