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Studio Cassio, Rome: Marvellous Mosaics

Get to terms with time-worn tiles in a workshop led by Rome’s master mosaicist Fabrizio Cassio.

Nothing lasts forever, not even in the Eternal City, but in recent history one man has played a monumental role to ensure that Rome’s exquisite mosaics might just stand the test of time.

Fabrizio Cassio, master mosaicist and founder of leading tile workshop Studio Cassio, has throughout his illustrious career expertly restored some of the Italian capital’s most prized ancient jewels, including the centuries-old Baths of Caracalla as well as specimens found in the National Museum of Rome.

So what better way to learn about the age-old art form than by studying under one of Studio Cassio’s skilled craftsmen? Through one of their intensive courses, apprentices can admire demonstrations of techniques preserved from eras past, or get elbow-deep in marble tiles, gold gilding and frames. If you’re not one to get handsy, then have the professionals fashion a bespoke masterpiece from a design of your very own. Just marble-ous!

Studio Cassio, Via Urbana, 98-98a, Monti, Rome, +39 06 47 45 356,

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