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Talking Travel With… Suzanne Delahunty, LUXE London Resident Editor

As travel starts picking up again, we’re chatting with our LUXE London resident editor, Suzanne Delahunty, this week to find out what’s new on her side of the world.

The former legal director turned personal stylist and consultant shares her top travels of 2021, latest London hangouts and post-lockdown essentials for 2022 and beyond.

What was your travel highlight of 2021?

I didn’t do much travelling at all in 2020 or 2021, so when I finally managed to get away to Catalunya in September 2021, I was in heaven to finally be somewhere different! The highlight was staying at a little hotel on the Costa Brava called Hostal Sa Rascassa.

It is located in a picturesque little cove and run by a couple who escaped the corporate life of their careers in advertising in Barcelona to start the hotel. The rooms are absolutely beautiful and the restaurant was a real highlight of the whole trip. I highly recommend it.

Something new you discovered in your city during COVID?

My local farmers market, the Primrose Hill Food Market, which sets up every Saturday. It’s the perfect place to grab delicious locally made and grown fare for picnics in Primrose Hill overlooking the city.

Your current fave hangouts in London:

My favourite London restaurant changes quite regularly but Gold in Notting Hill stands out. It’s fun and the food is excellent.

Yes, it is on Portobello Road, one of the most touristy streets in the world, but inside Gold, it’s a locals-only affair with a riotous atmosphere. You need to book your table well in advance which is why it is not overrun with passing tourists. Just be sure to book ahead and wear your coolest outfit.

Photo: Gold

When in the West End, I love to have a quick pit stop for the perfect negroni, which can be found at Bar Termini. You can also buy a bottle of the Termini negroni to keep in your liquor cabinet at home – ideal for when friends drop by.

For fashion in a unique setting, I always head to Liberty. They truly have their finger on the pulse of what’s new in fashion, as well as the best of established designers.

Your (post)lockdown essentials:

Any podcast recommendations?

The two podcasts I look forward to every week are Shameless and Dear Chelsea


Shameless is the celebrity and pop culture podcast “for smart people who love dumb stuff.” The two hosts, Melbourne journalists Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald, take an analytical view of what’s happening each week in the celebrity world and the media coverage of it. 


Dear Chelsea is Chelsea Handler’s latest podcast where listeners write in with their problems and Chelsea solves each week with a different celebrity or expert guest. I love her fearless and irreverent approach to life.

Tips for travelling during COVID?

Don’t be put off by all the requirements to fill out forms, take tests, get insurance, etc. It’s all figure out-able. Break it down into a list, work out your timeline for each step, and work through it methodically. Yes, it’s tedious, but it is so worth it once you arrive at your destination safe and ready to explore. Just do it!

Any travel plans for 2022?

I am still dreaming of travelling to the vibrant city of Tblisi to check out the art, food and fashion scenes!

Follow Suzanne Delahunty on Instagram @suzannedelahunty for more travel and styling tips!

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