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The LUXE Commandments

The 10 LUXE Commandments to live and travel by…

1. We consider ourselves visitors, never tourists.

2. We place highest emphasis on style for dollar – whether it’s cheap as chips or expensive as dinner with Ivanka – quality of experience is what counts.

3. We endeavour to sip, sup, shop and flop with stylish abandon.

4. We sidestep branded chain luxury and honour the individual and independent, be it hotel, restaurant, designer, artist or artisan.

5. We delight in genuine gastro encounters, whether it’s Michelin-spangled diners or hole-in-the-wall hotspots.

6. We keep gimlet eyes peeled for under-the-radar cultural calendars, and opt for bespoke guides and tailor-made adventures.

7. We dress for each occasion – sunnies in Milan, kaftans in Bali – but the macrame unikini stays at home, and you’ll never, ever see us in thongs n’ khakis.

8. The LUXE MO is to eschew faff and blah in favour of the succinct, sharp, and sassy – and we encourage our readers to whisper their frank opinions in our shell-like ear.

9. We avoid the dull, ordinary or mediocre as like we would a bout of cholera.

10. We get to a city, get the very best experiences, and get out.

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