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What’s Your Luggage Style?

When it comes to whisking your possessions through planes, trains and tight squeeze lanes, your choice of portmanteau can be the difference between effortless and downright excruciating transit. Whether you’re combating Rome’s cobblestones or sourcing a schlep-ready safari sac, LUXE is unpacking the best carryalls to cater to every style of globe-strutter. Suit(case) up!

Travel style: Socially-savvy jetsetter

Top trunk: Raden smart luggage

If Instagram is your favourite travel companion, best ensure your look is post-ready with this super chic and oh-so snappable Raden case. Available in a plethora of dreamy pastel hues, each capsule also boasts bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to calculate the weight of your fully packed haul, and a smartphone-charging function to ensure you’re dialled in at all times. Like.

Travel style: Tots in tow

Top trunk: Modobag mobile carry-on

If you eye-rolled Modobag’s novelty mobile carry-ons when footage of the rideable suitcases was, ahem, rolled out, it’s probably because you are not a parent up to your eyeballs in toys, tantrums and transit rage. When you’ve got five minutes till the gate closes and more kids and bags than Brad and Ange, simply throw them on and zip straight to the jet bridge.

Travel style: All-terrain adventurer

Top trunk: Rimowa roll-away

Temperamental weather, uneven terrain or brutal baggage handlers the bane of your travels? Whether you’re next itinerary includes a stop in typhoon-ridden Hong Kong or a Serengeti safari, Rimowa’s robust, tamper-proof roll-aways are constructed to withstand all conditions with a polycarbonate or aluminium exterior, plus foam inserts to protect extra precious portables.

Travel style: Lightweight frequent flyer

Top trunk: Ghurka duffel bag

If handsome and hands-free is your touring MO, ditch clunky wheels and heavy reinforced frames for one of Ghurka’s elegant yet rugged sling-over-your-shoulder n’ go duffels. Available in hand-buffed suedes, painted twills and classic vintage leathers, these lush puppies will have you breezing through customs queues to your waiting car in no time.  

Travel style: Ultra-glam gadabout

Top trunk: Vintage Louis Vuitton trunk

If you’re looking for the last-word in uber-sophisticated travel accoutrements, mortgage the house for this vintage, mid C.20th leather-trimmed holdall by purse purveyor extraordinaire Louis Vuitton. This wallet-busting, one-of-a-kind trunk contains enough compartments to store and secure everything from cufflinks to top hats, and is coated in LV’s signature waterproof Vuittonite covering. Who says you need to compromise style for function?

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