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Worship Street Whistling Shop, London: Sin In Style

There’s more than a little after-dark debauchery to be found in London town, but as history well and truly illustrates, nowhere is this more true than in the city’s sultry East End, where many a strumpet has lost (or found!) her way.

Channelling an age-worth of sauce and sin to dark, Dickensian and dangerously intoxicating perfection is Shoreditch’s Worship Street Whistling Shop, a trendy underground lair from the bar beauts that brought us Purl in Marylebone.

Complete with cosy corners, dimly flickering lights, and charming Victorian vibes, WSWS serves up lab-made cocktails that are as ‘creative’ as the Queen of England is merely ‘famous’ – just take the ‘Zazel’, with redistilled peanut butter and jam Bulleit bourbon and raspberry syrup served over an ice cannon ball, or the ‘Changeling’ with lapsing tea-chased marmalade vodka, Aperol, sugar, Peychaud’s Bitters and an orange blossom hot towel on the side. Also on offer are crafted cask infusions for those who like their drinks barrelled and bottled, with bespoke barrelling available for pre-planned misbehaviour. Bottoms up, old chap.

Worship Street Whistling Shop, 63 Worship St, Shoreditch, London, +44 20 7247 0015,

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