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    Riccardo Barthel – Divine Design

    Though German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is widely credited with coining the phrase ‘God is in the details’, we suspect the modern maestro had one eye fixed firmly on Italian neighbour Florence when considering design in such divine terms.

    Riccardo Barthel – Divine Design - Read more

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    Mandíbula – Spin Masters Mix Cocktails

    While most of São Paulo’s liveliest bars and major art galleries call hilly bohemian haven Vila Madalena home, many a hipper, younger thang will regale you with tales from the edgy, grit-n’-grungy Centro district, hiding manifold delights behind its decidedly rough and tumble facade.

    Mandíbula – Spin Masters Mix Cocktails - Read more

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    Highbar - Rooftop Golden Girl

    Headlines may be reading polar vortex and six feet of snow up in the northern states, but in ever-sunny Florida the mercury drops only slightly, with the thermometer still pointing firmly to ‘sun’s out, buns out’. If it’s just a tad nippy for a dip in the ocean however, there’s no need to ditch the ‘kini – instead head for the heated pool and feel the Latin sizzle at atmospheric rooftop golden girl Highbar.

    Highbar - Rooftop Golden Girl - Read more

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    Roberta Sudbrack - Rio's Original Celebrity Chef

    While it’s true that Sao Paulo has the lion’s share of fine Brazilian cuisine, sister Rio hides a handful of delicious secrets up her sleeve... just ask Roberta to show you the goods.

    Years ago, nobody knew the name Roberta Sudbrack, except for the former Brazilian President for whom she served as private cook. Later, she set off to open the eponymous Roberta Sudbrack... and now, seven years on, her restaurant is ranked 10th on the illustrious S. Pellegrino’s Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list, with the woman herself a bonafide local celebrity, and arguably Brazil’s most famous female chef.

    Roberta Sudbrack - Rio's Original Celebrity Chef - Read more


Cosme - Mod Mexican in Manhattan

Put down the greasy quesadilla, Connie, and step away from the late-night curbside taco shack. Though sating a Mexican craving in Manhattan has long been limited to scouring the streets for the nearest Chipotle, there’s a Latin American minx who’s new to town and here to stay.

Cosme - Mod Mexican in Manhattan - Read more

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